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Bandar Alam Suria

Bandar Alam Suria

Suria Square brings new jobs and economic opportunities to Bandar Alam Suria 

With more property developers entering the market of mixed integrated development, the standard for a sustainable and contemporary township is ever improving. Malaysians are demanding more from a property than just its residential aspect.

Trading has shaped the course of society since the beginning. Communities prosper with the constant exchange of goods and services, which brings with it the equally important factor of social integration. 

Blazing the trail of mixed integrated development is IJM Land’s award-winning township Bandar Alam Suria, located in Puncak Alam, Selangor. Its latest commercial project, Suria Square, is nestled in the heart of the township. 

Not only is it a shopping hub created for the enjoyment of its residents, but it also aims to act as a catalyst for the sustainable growth and development of the entire region.

Immerse yourself in an idyllic lifestyle brimming with greenery. Residents and visitors alike will be able to take advantage of Suria Square, which facilitates a return to the close relationships among neighbours. Residents will be able to build a strong community, becoming the heart of the development.

Rather than having an enclosed mall, this commercial centre replicates an open-air experience of 115 units of double-storey shop offices, encouraging not only a healthy lifestyle of walking but a back-to-nature approach that is especially needed in today’s era.

With plenty of space to choose from, Suria Square spans 18.51 acres of land. Each shop office is priced from RM806,000, these units come with a generous built-up area of 3,047 to 4,922 sq ft, open to brands from food and beverage, retail outlets, and more.

With heatwaves sweeping becoming more and more frequent, these shoplots are masterfully designed with a north-south orientation to absorb less heat, ensuring the design itself contributes to a cooling effect for its tenants. This measure is enhanced by the incorporation of a well-ventilated system for each of the lots. 

The units come with large windows on the first floor, ensuring that the products you choose will be well-displayed for passers-by to see. Its incorporation also promotes natural lighting, which is beneficial for the well-being of tenants and staff members.

In line with IJM Land’s sustainability agenda, Suria Square also makes use of rainwater harvesting tanks and LED street lights. With the help of these methods, tenants will be able to minimise their carbon footprint by simply tending to their shops. 

To create a seamless experience, there are multiple entry points residents will be able to take when visiting Suria Square, easing the risk of congestion. Furthermore, the hub is also equipped with a large parking space, capable of accommodating visitors and residents. 

Keeping in mind accessibility features, there are measurements put into place to create an inclusive environment. Encouraging a family-friendly outing, residents can bring their wheelchair-bound family members with the numerous pedestrian walkways and eight feet wide corridors. These design choices have been made to ease the flow of human traffic.

Primed to be a major commercial intersection, Suria Square hits the ground running with a population catchment of approximately 28,000 people in the vicinity, speculated to increase drastically in the foreseeable future.

These numbers come from estimates that follow the footsteps of Suria Square’s previous phase, Dataran Suria, which appreciated 100% in value, with the commercial shop offices rising from RM400,000 to RM800,000.

Green is visible at every part of the township.

Green is visible at every part of the township.

City of leisure

A commercial hub is only as prosperous as the community around it, which is precisely the reason IJM Land puts its all into the residential township of Bandar Alam Suria. With lush surroundings, mother nature herself welcomes you to bask in the serene beauty of Klang Valley’s suburbia.

Guided by the values to reside, revitalise, and reconnect, the township allows residents to reside in comfort and peaceful living, revitalise themselves through the tranquil surroundings, and reconnect with both nature as well as the community.

With as much innovation as there is a true passion for its development, Bandar Alam Suria has turned a quiet, quaint area into one of prominence since its launch in 2001. Residents will be able to find their peace away from the bustling city, surrounded by the wonders of nature.

As of now, 55% of the township has been completed, with approximately half of the development planned for residential units, including bungalows, semi-detached houses, courtyard homes, terrace houses, apartments and more. 

With the development set aside for commercial purposes, Dataran Suria and Suria Square are primed to create additional footfall and jobs for the community. 

Having allocated 46% of Bandar Alam Suria for institutional development, amenities and infrastructure, IJM Land further exhibits a responsibility towards public spaces that is exemplary among township developers, going beyond its residential and commercial properties.

An aerial depiction of Bandar Alam Suria.

An aerial depiction of Bandar Alam Suria.

Bandar Alam Suria’s 11-acre Central Park, which boasts over 500 trees and 1,290 shrubs, constitutes 13.43% of green spaces for the entire township. Much like Suria Square, these parks have also integrated wheelchair ramps to encourage an inclusive, family-friendly experience among the differently-abled and the elderly, while having a healthy, outdoor lifestyle.

Nurturing a diverse and vibrant community, Bandar Alam Suria is home to educational institutions such as the UiTM Puncak Alam campus, Hospital UiTM, banks and shops, such as Lotus’s, Econsave and Jaya Grocer. When coupled with the blossoming Suria Square, there is no doubting the affluence of the township will continue to grow.

Through the North Klang valley highway, Elite expressway, Guthrie corridor expressway and Latar expressway, the township has links to Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, ensuring convenient access.

Placing the community at the heart of the conversation, IJM Land cultivates a reputation as a township developer that strives toward new social and economic heights. With the promise of increased job creation, economic opportunities and community wellbeing, look forward to living life to its fullest. 

For more information, visit www.alamsuria.com.my.

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