An urban oasis of sustainable luxury

Intricately designed to stand out in the illustrious Bangsar district.

Redefining luxurious resort living with Phase 2 of Bangsar Hill Park

In the dynamic heart of Kuala Lumpur’s illustrious Bangsar district, a visionary project is swiftly taking form, seamlessly blending luxurious modern living with sustainability. Introducing Talisa, Phase 2 of the acclaimed Bangsar Hill Park, a testament to urban resort living, deeply intertwined with environmental conscientiousness. 

Developed by Bangsar Hill Park Development, the elegant Talisa comprises two soaring towers, one standing 57 storeys in height and the other commanding 55 storeys. Nestled in the sought-after locale of Bangsar, Talisa is poised to redefine the condominium lifestyle. 

Crafted to cater to the refined preferences of its residents, this development offers an array of spacious layouts, ranging from 917 sq ft for two-bedroom units to 1,478 sq ft for 3+1 bedroom abodes, which are also suitable for multi-generational living. Prices span from RM1.05mil to RM1.75mil. 

The triumph of Phase 1, Verdura, has paved a path of resounding demand and anticipation for Talisa. This distinctive development encapsulates the seamless fusion of contemporary luxury and ecological stewardship. 

Talisa’s name, inspired by the Native American term for lovely and serene water, encapsulates its distinct architectural and master plan concept. The development ingeniously integrates water-themed amenities into its facilities, cultivating an atmosphere of serenity and calmness. Additionally, Talia, meaning to flourish in ancient Greek, resonates with the essence of growth and prosperity that this project embodies.From its water-themed features to its commitment to sustainability, Talisa marks an innovative benchmark for urban living. 

The floating platform adds a unique touch to the facilities provided.

Foundations in sustainability 

Among the standout attributes of Talisa is its steadfast dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness. From energy-efficient systems to conscientious material choices, sustainability infuses every facet of this development. Noteworthy sustainability features include LED lighting in common areas, yielding at least 40% electricity cost savings for management. 

The energy-efficient lifts, equipped with sleep mode, variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) drives, and gearless systems, effectively conserve energy. Additionally, rainwater harvesting is harnessed for landscaping needs. Talisa further employs an advanced siphonic rainwater drainage system, optimising rainwater harvesting efficiency while minimising construction space. 

On-site compost bins produce fertilisers from horticulture waste, satisfying 30% of landscape fertilisation requirements. More than 80% of landscape plants are drought-tolerant, reducing water consumption. 

In meticulous detail, the pet-friendly project is designed to benefit its residents through sustainable choices. The use of low VOC-certified paints and eco-friendly adhesives elevates indoor air quality and overall well-being. The developer’s commitment extends to using green cement—a recycled material that enhances concrete strength while reducing environmental impact. 

Additionally, eco-certified materials, including waterproofing membranes, ceiling panels, and exterior paint, reinforce the environmentally conscious approach. EV Enthusiasts Welcome Electric vehicle (EV) owners can delight in Talisa’s provision of six EV chargers with priority parking spaces. 

Each unit is equipped with energy-efficient air-conditioners, boasting a four-star rating from Suruhanjaya Tenaga. Talisa’s allure is amplified by its proximity to a plethora of lifestyle amenities, establishing it as an interconnected urban sanctuary. Residents enjoy shopping escapades at Mid Valley Megamall, Bangsar Shopping Centre and Bangsar Village. The development is conveniently near Klang Valley’s largest transportation hub KL Sentral, Pantai Medical Centre and the up-coming Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall. 

Residents will also be able to take advantage of Sunsuria Care, a collaborative platform for Sunsuria’s community driven initiatives and is aimed at providing basic medical services and support to the Sunsuria community.

With a gross development value (GDV) of RM3.01bil for the entire Bangsar Hill Park, Talisa alone contributes RM1.1bil to the collective GDV. As Malaysia steers towards a greener horizon, Talisa stands as an embodiment of harmonious coexistence between urban development and ecological responsibility. More information is available at 

The Olympic-length pool gives its users a spectacular view of the cityscape.