Prizes galore for property fair’s lucky home buyers

By Vigneswar Rajasurian

StarProperty home buyer contest 2019

Wong and his wife won the Proton X70 just for buying a home at a StarProperty Fair in 2019.

Eleven lucky home buyers were rewarded with prizes including a brand new Proton X70 for buying a home at the Star Property Fairs held throughout 2019.

Over RM100mil worth of properties were booked during the fairs, qualifying the 11 purchasers for the many prizes.

The Grand Prize winner Wong Yim Kit drove away in a brand new Proton X70 as part of the ‘Beli dan Menang’ home buyer contest.

None of the other finalists walked home empty-handed as they won various home appliances including Philips 55-inch ultra slim smart UHD television, a two-door Samsung Fridge and a Sharp 9kg top-load washer,

During the prize-giving ceremony, the winners were interviewed. They revealed their motivations for choosing their property and making the purchase at a StarProperty Fair.

Here’s what the winners had to say:

Wong Yim Kit, 44
Wong was the winner of StarProperty’s ‘Beli dan Menang’ Grand Prize, a Proton X70 SUV. He bought the property for investment and rental purposes.

It was a residential apartment building priced at around RM400,000 in Puchong South, with the mass rapid transit (MRT) station a few minutes drive away and plenty of shopping malls and hotels nearby.

Phoon Shwu Feen, 54
Shwu Feen said she preferred her property location due to its proximity with the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) and felt comfortable having bought a property from same developer before.

Since she stays in Kuantan, the StarProperty fair offered a one-stop solution to view various properties on offer while she was in town.

Yeo Boon Kee, 56
Yeo and his wife were looking for a home to retire into. They wanted a peaceful place supported by many amenities and daily conveniences like grocery shopping, food and beverage outlets and public places like parks to socialise.

They were already fatigued by their property hunting, but both husband and wife were agreeable to where they would buy before they came upon a StarProperty Fair while shopping. Fortunately, the developer they desired happened to be there.

Yap Chian Fai, 30
Yap bought the property as the price was reasonable, falling within the RM300,000 range. It was a small-office-home-office (SoHo) unit in Sepang, located near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) with upcoming developments.

He stumbled upon a StarProperty Fair while shopping and decided to buy his property after listening to the agent.


Winners posed alongside their prizes at Menara Star on Feb 7, 2020.

Winners posed alongside their prizes at Menara Star on Feb 7, 2020.

Douglas Yong, 56
Yong decided on his purchase to take advantage of the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) stamp duty exemption and a discounted price on the property.

He chose a StarProperty Fair to purchase the property as the fair offered the most comprehensive exhibitors in the relevant areas he was looking at.

Ho Hui Ying, 22
(representative for the winner Jack Kee)

This family bought the property because it was within their budget, and the location was conducive as it was near to their parent’s place and office.

The winner was recommended to visit the StarProperty Fair by property agents.

Tan Lee See, 52
Tan preferred her new property’s location because it is close to KLIA and the development had upcoming entertainment, shopping and education facilities. Hence, she believed the area would likely grow in due time.

She chose to buy her property at the fair having generated income from previous purchases with the developer and Star newspaper before.

Muhammad Saifuddin, 31
Saifuddin chose his new property as his first home because it is located in Setia Alam, and the area offered modern and attractive facilities.

StarProperty home buyer contest 2019

Saifuddin and his son making their lucky pick as Star Media Group CEO Andreas Vogiatzakis looks on.

Liew Sook Ling, 40
Liew said she chose her property because it is in Sentul, a developing area accessible via many highways, and believed it is a good area to invest in.

Also given that she currently stays in Kepong, it is near to the property she bought.

Mohamed Abdul Wahid, 38
Wahid chose his property for its affordability and proximity to his office, just four train stations away.

He decided on buying the property at the fair because of the discounts and free goodies offered.

Thng Wai Yong, 47
(representative of winner Jenny Chin)

They bought the place as it is close to their families, and was more secluded and private given its location further from town.

They went to the property but the show gallery was closed. By chance, they stumbled on the project at a StarProperty Fair, thereafter making the purchase.

Will lucky home buyers be rewarded this year?

For 2020, even visitors to StarProperty Fairs stand to win holidays to Perth, Jeju or Bali.

Visitors who place a booking on any property stand to win a share of RM100,000 in shopping vouchers and prizes.

Finally, lucky homebuyers will be rewarded with trips to Greece, Japan and Korea, amongst other prizes.

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