Stars that continue to shine

StarProperty Awards 2021 pay tribute to this year’s nation builders

The prestigious StarProperty Awards, held for the sixth consecutive year, returned with yet another star-studded line-up of premier real estate developers and their outstanding developments. These developers continued to shine despite the challenges posed by the outbreak of Covid-19 and the disruptions resulting from the movement control orders (MCOs).

The awards continued with the established tradition of paying homage to the nation’s builders and their projects, which will form the fabric of the nation’s infrastructure, shaping the landscape for years to come. These award-winning properties challenge the boundaries of innovation, architecture and functionality, especially at a time when the entire property industry revolves around a new norm. 

Technology, lifestyle, sustainability and wellbeing are the new points of focus. As such, the award categories were redesignated and fine-tuned to better reflect the changing socio-economic and cultural landscape of today’s norm. Twenty-six categories were contested, although in normal circumstances, there would have been more. 

Due to the disruptions brought about by the pandemic, the popular Consumers’ Choice Award and the revamped All-Stars Awards were temporarily placed on hold this year. Nevertheless, the stakes were raised as each real estate project was squarely judged on its merits. This year also saw an increase in the number of judges to address the wider scope accorded by the judging criteria. 

A total of 10 judges from varied disciplines and different backgrounds were invited for this purpose. From architects, surveyors, designers and town planners to property consultants and industry experts, the esteemed panel’s diversity ensures a fairer and more comprehensive audit of the entries received. New awards were introduced this year to address emerging key tenets. The Investor’s Choice Award for landed and commercial properties is given to the developments with a proven record of escalating capital appreciation in secondary market transactions compared to their initial selling price. The Close-To-Home Award focuses on the property with the widest selection of amenities in proximity to the residents. Convenience, ease of travel and walkable locations of interest are part of the criteria. 

The Full Circle Award covers the best completed landed property development, which offers the best attributes of the desired home address. As sustainability is a hot property topic, the Landscape Award for township and high-rise properties is timely to award developers who have taken the extra mile in not just greening their projects, but in addressing the ecological issues and cost-effectiveness of maintaining the landscape. 

The Assisted-Living Home Award, which is awarded to the best semi retirement project, addresses and encourages more developers to consider developing more of such homes in lieu of the growing grey population. As a nation grows and ages, this category will become more prominent in years to come. At the end of the day, the StarProperty Awards is also a mechanism to encourage real estate developers to excel in their craft. The awards will continue to grow and expand its genre to cultivate new heights for the property industry. The StarProperty Awards 2021 ceremony will be held virtually at a later stage. Follow the StarProperty Facebook page for the latest announcements. 

What’s new in 2021? 

  • The Investor’s Choice Award (Landed) – Highest ROI Development 
  • The Investor’s Choice Award (Commercial) – Highest ROI Development 
  • The Close-To-Home Award – Best Development with the widest selection of Amenities in Close Proximity 
  • The Full Circle Award – Best Completed Landed Property Development 
  • The Landscape Award (Township) – Best Landscaped Development 
  • The Landscape Award (High-Rise) – Best Landscaped Development 
  • The Assisted-Living Home Award – Best Semi-Retirement Development

StarProperty Awards Milestones



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