Temokin Promenade: A magnetic oasis At Nusa Damai Pasir Gudang, Johor

Tan presenting the scale model and facade of Temokin Promenade.

Tan presenting the scale model and facade of Temokin Promenade.

Forging a legacy of innovation and community-centric development

In the dynamic realm of real estate in Johor, one name is shining brightly, with its strong reputation for specialising in infrastructure and building projects and its singular aim of building connections.

Founded in 1989, Temokin Development has cultivated a solid reputation over the years, the developer has proudly completed a remarkable array of projects that reflect its unwavering commitment to excellence.

One of its pioneering achievements was the successful execution of Malaysia’s first micro-tunnelling project. But Temokin Development’s ambitions did not stop there. The company played a significant role in the completion of a large portion of the Middle Ring Road in Seremban, a testament to its contributions to Malaysia’s infrastructure development.

While laying the foundation for excellence in infrastructure, Temokin Development also embarked on a natural progression into property development. In this realm, they have left an indelible mark with a portfolio of impressive projects. One such achievement was the completion of Mahligai Phases 1 and 2, offering double-storey linked houses in Pasir Gudang, Nusa Damai, in 2020 and 2021, respectively, said Temokin Development executive director Tan Chien Chyi.

Temokin Development’s commitment to innovation and community well-being is evident in its ongoing projects. They proudly introduce the Mahligai Phase 3 collection, featuring 2.5-storey linked houses in Nusa Damai. Additionally, the Diami Residence Collection offers 3.5 to 4.5-storey superlink homes in Taman Melati, Klang Valley. These projects exemplify Temokin Development’s dedication to crafting homes that are not just structures but vibrant communities.

A beacon of progress

One of Temokin Development’s flagship projects, Temokin Promenade, crafted as a timeless legacy, represents a beacon of progress in Pasir Gudang. “Temokin Promenade enjoys a strategic location, serving as the central point between Old Pasir Gudang and New Pasir Gudang. This area boasts a well-established, mature neighbourhood with an approximate population of 250,000 residents. 

“Additionally, approximately 20,000 vehicles pass through daily. Recognizing the absence of a quality commercial hub in this mature residential area, we identified the need and potential for one. Our objective is to create a meticulously planned space where people can seamlessly blend work, living, and leisure, with a focus on fostering an inviting and family-centric environment. Notably, this development will also provide advantages to our Mahligai residents, conveniently located down the road from Temokin Promenade,” said Tan.

The inspiration behind Temokin Promenade is profoundly Victorian. Taking cues from the architectural wonders of London and Hong Kong, where modernity harmonises with tradition along the Thames and Harbour Bay, Temokin Development aspires to create a timeless architectural marvel. 

“To establish a new legacy in Pasir Gudang, the overall concept of the development was of utmost importance. We aimed to craft a place where all generations could enjoy, fostering a sustainable environment that would allow property owners to pass down their investments to future generations. Our team paid meticulous attention to the details to ensure its endurance and longevity over time,” he said.

To make Temokin Promenade a true community hub, the team has included features such as parklets, playgrounds, pathways and gazebos. These elements are carefully designed to create an inviting environment for families and friends to come together.

The development also supports the nation’s transition to electric vehicles by incorporating electric vehicle charging stations. These amenities demonstrate Temokin Development’s commitment to providing the best for the patrons of Temokin Promenade, he pointed out the development’s future-proofing.

Addressing common concerns

One common concern in commercial hubs is inadequate parking. Temokin Promenade, however, addresses this issue by offering a generous 623 parking spaces, ensuring a hassle-free experience for patrons.

The units at Temokin Promenade boast dimensions of 22 ft by 70 ft, providing flexibility in terms of build-up options ranging from 3,080 sq ft to 9,573 sq ft. The wide-width entrance glass frontage invites natural light and creates a modern and welcoming atmosphere. The high ceiling feature ensures the space is well-ventilated and highly functional.

As for future endeavours, Temokin Development envisions this as just the first step in a long journey in the Pasir Gudang area. They anticipate a healthy take-up rate and are exploring further developments in the future.

The official launch of Temokin Promenade, which is a joint venture between Temokin Development and Taman Bandar Baru Masai Sdn Bhd, is scheduled for Nov 4, 2023 and Tan is inviting interested business operators and investors to visit the sales gallery, contact the sales team at +6010 763 2068 or visit Temokin Promenade’s website: www.temokinpromenade.com. Interest from potential buyers has already exceeded 50%. The project is set for completion in April 2026.

Looking ahead

Beyond Temokin Promenade, Temokin Development has grand plans for the future. In Johor, it is committed to further developments in the area, focusing on Nusa Damai. In the Klang Valley, it has several mixed-use developments in the pipeline, located in both Cheras and Shah Alam. Buyers and interested parties can stay updated through Temokin Development’s social media channels and announcements on its website www.temokin.com.

With its tagline Winning Your Trust Every Time, Temokin Development’s journey is one of constant evolution and innovation, guided by its commitment to creating lasting connections and vibrant communities. Its dedication to excellence is evident in its diverse portfolio of projects, with Temokin Promenade being a shining example of its vision for the future.

"We aimed to craft a place where all generations could enjoy.” – Tan Chien Chyi

“We aimed to craft a place where all generations could enjoy.”
– Tan Chien Chyi