Home is where the heart is

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There are many forms of abodes but only one truly matters

By Joseph Wong

There is a distinction between the terms house and home. As a famous adage states – home is where the heart is. This evergreen adage runs deep in meaning that a house may be a living space, but having a house does not equal a home.

A home is more than just a place to stay. It is a cosy and warm environment that is as delectable as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the fragrance of fresh-baked bread in the morning. It is a calm and happy place that brings the nicest feeling in the world, giving one a sense of nostalgia.

For young couples, starting on the right foot is important as their investment into a house, service apartment, condominium unit or any other abode involves a chunk of their savings and continued loan repayments. Like their relationship, having a roof over their heads is a long-term commitment. 

With Kelvin Tai and his spouse Elaine Yap, having a home means a safe haven and a place where family members can foster good ties and make good memories. “It is a place where you seek comfort, peace and love,” said Tai.

The happy couple chose to invest in a unit within the 88-acre Tropicana Metropark, a growing township located in the inner landscapes of Subang Jaya built by Tropicana Corporation Bhd. 

“Tropicana Metropark is strategically located in the heart of Subang Jaya with excellent connectivity to other parts of Klang Valley. The city council (Subang Jaya City Council) is among one of the highest rated in the country and Subang Jaya is a relatively convenient and safe place to live in. It has numerous parks and amenities for the community to utilise. It is a hub to world-class educational institutions, known for shopping malls, especially the award-winning Sunway Pyramid and also home to some top-notch hospitals and medical centres,” he said.

As Tropicana Metropark is a mixed development of serviced apartments, a commercial hub, an international school, and an urban park, the development suited the couple to the tea.

“Tropicana Metropark is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My new home overlooks a linear park and a beautiful lake where I can take strolls or jog. The variety of facilities provided by the developer also means that I do not need to venture out of my home most of the time,” added Tai.

Tai (right) and his wife receiving the mock key to their new home.

Tai (right) and his wife receiving the mock key to their new home.

Different folks, different strokes

As individuals have different needs, so do couples and young families. Each has its own set of needs and the variety of real estate in the market is proof of this fact. 

For Yew Mei Qin, a home is a place of retreat. “A place where I can laugh and enjoy the most precious bonding time with my family, making me feel cosy and comfortable,” she told StarProperty.

“I was mesmerised by the surrounding premium residential area. The lake that’s appealing and it’s just a stone away to get to all the facilities. I dreamt of myself coming back from work, to be indulged by the beauty of the lake, and appreciate the stillness of the waterway and the trickle of the water fountain. It’s a dream come true for me,” said Yew.

Yew and her husband chose to purchase a house in Resort Residence, located in the heart of Bandar Sri Sendayan in Negeri Sembilan’s capital Seremban. The precinct, built by Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd, comprises residential homes with proximity to commercial, institutional, as well as industrial and leisure components within the 6,272-acre township.

Like the residents residing within Resort Residence, yew’s family have easy access to the precinct’s 6.3-acre lake park, which hosts a multitude of facilities that promotes a healthier lifestyle. 

In addition, it is a stone’s throw away from ample amenities, including retail conveniences, education hubs and outdoor recreation and lifestyle parks, that are located within the mature Bandar Sri Sendayan township. 

“The spaciousness of our home has greatly improved our parent-child relationship. It has provided enough space for us to play around with each other and even open up an opportunity for us to turn one of the rooms into a mini library. 

“It is truly a blessing as my children now have a conducive study corner which I believe is of the utmost importance in the long run for the well-being of my children. With the greenery that surrounds us, I can bring my family to take a stroll across the pathway by the lake and simply admire the beauty of nature from the comfort of my home – the wonders it will do,” she said.

Yew (right) with her family enjoying their home.

Yew (right) with her family enjoying their home.

Sharing the love

Because couples and families are looking at the long-term within their new community, they are naturally concerned with community bonding. Like many others, both Tai and Yew shared similar thoughts on this. 

To help propagate the friendly neighbourhood agenda, Tai said: “Definitely the Malaysian way, by performing acts of kindness for neighbours, like offering to help with simple household chores. Perhaps host a virtual meet-up session to share stories and spread love and positivity. Alternatively, organise a potluck gathering by the pool in the evening so that neighbours can mingle together to have good fun!”

“I will love my neighbours as myself and I believe a simple gesture like wishing whoever I see Happy Valentines will definitely bring joy,” added Yew.

In conclusion, a home is not just a structure consisting of walls and beams but an abode of the collection of memories, feelings, and people. It is a place where one feels the most comfortable and secure to be in. 

Couples planning to buy a home should have a checklist.

Couples planning to buy a home should have a checklist.

Quick tips for couples buying a home together

A relationship is as unique as every home. For couples planning to buy a home, StarProperty has put together five steps to help ease the home-buying experience. 

Clarify the beginning point

Marriage is as much a business connection as it is a romantic one. Hence, bringing up money issues well before the mortgage loan application is vital. Before making another long-term commitment after marriage, couples should be aware of each other’s financial history, core beliefs and aspirations for the future.

When it comes to discussing a mortgage, couples must be able to confront the truth without fear or surprise. As the home is an undertaking of both parties, both husband and wife will need to provide the relevant documentation for the loan application. 

Budget time

It will be helpful to have an estimate of the housing budget before seriously looking for a home. It is advisable to spend no more than roughly 30% of the household income on housing. By doing this, couples can keep money available for savings, travel and possibly even beginning a family. For those already with children, it leaves room for their expenditure. Remember to approach this conversation with a positive attitude as each person’s salary is a personal matter and some parties might find it a sensitive topic.


Some couples’ first home together serves as the only real estate they will ever require. Others may select their starter house due to financial constraints and have huge aspirations to upgrade in a few years.

Make sure both parties are completely informed of and supportive of whatever plans each may have for the future. Then, they can decide together on a home purchase that makes sense both now and in the future.

Communication rules

Discuss what both parties have to offer and know where each person stands. It is highly beneficial for both parties to establish their respective must-haves and deal breakers. Only then, couples will be able to collaborate and make decisions that will benefit both parties.

New couples could argue over a wide range of items when it comes to the property of their dreams. Two persons shopping for anything will inevitably have divergent viewpoints. They frequently involve very important factors like location and the amount of bedrooms. Sometimes they deal with issues like the architectural design or land arrangement. And for a long-term investment like a home, it is better to come to a mutual agreement. That is why communication is very important..

Saying yes!

At some point, it is normal to start questioning if it is the right move to buy a home. This is the time to step back and reassess the situation. Buying a home is a huge undertaking and like marriage, it requires the belief that you are making the right move.

If the shared budget, relationship and home are all in order, something serendipitous will undoubtedly come your way. When it occurs, couples will instantaneously know that they are on the correct track.

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